Sherisse’s Journey

sherisse 1

After a second chance at life, Sherisse is dedicated to living a “Healthy, Well & Strong” life.

While recovering from six abdominal surgeries complicated by nerve entrapment and chronic pain, she became overcome with pain medication dependence, uncontrolled asthma, multiple fractures and a series of gastrointestinal issues. During this period of her illness, Sherisse weighed over 350lbs.

Unable to cope with the magnitude of her illness and uncertain  of her recovery, Sherisse began to battle severe depression. In the midst of entering into a personal quest for detox from over 20 prescription medications, she experienced a major trauma which led to a psychological crisis. She nearly had a nervous breakdown. Insomnia, anxiety, and depression did not win! Her story was not over.

Through faith, fitness, and GOOD Food she has recovered–Stronger than ever! Her story is a testament to human will, hard work, and perseverance.

Sherisse is a licensed and ordained minister in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. She possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, Master Degrees in Ethics & Theology and Community Health Education from Barnard College, Union Theological, Teachers College @ Columbia University, respectively.