We are God’s Masterpiece

The scripture tells us that we are “God’s Masterpiece”

I’m not sure what that means to you, but there is something very comforting in that scripture for me. The same God who crafted the beautiful flowers of the field and the snow-capped mountains, masterfully created YOU! Wow! You are a divinely created MASTERPIECE.

During my weakest hours, I would listen to Jazmine Sullivan’s song called “Masterpiece” I felt so badly about myself, if I can speak frankly. My health was not the best, my relationship was failing, I wasn’t able to thrive academically or professionally. But, I listened to this song on repeat one day realizing that it affirmed the scripture. Eventually, I truly believed that there was beauty in my eyes and that I was God’s “work art, a masterpiece”

Walk into today know that you are God’s own masterpiece. Affirm that! Remind yourself, “I am God’s Masterpiece.”

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