To Sabbath, or not?!

“Remember the Sabbath Day, To Keep it Holy!” -Exodus 20:8

Whatever could this verse mean? In my days of youth, I remember citing the Decalogue Sunday after Sunday, not really understanding its meaning, or even necessity. Just what is the Sabbath, and why is it apart of the Ten Commandments?

God mandated rest–Sabbath.

The Bible calls for rest and rejuvenation of humanity and all of Creation!

During the 7th year, there is to be no planting of crops or yield, just rest.

On the 7th day, humankind are called to perform no labor, instead rest.

I am a self-professed busy body. I’m writing this while I ought to be resting. I usually spends weeks on end toiling day in, day out, without sufficient rest. Evenings, weekends, works days, I crowd my life going and coming with marginal time to rest or rejuvenate.

Oy mate!

To rest is to be rejenated!

To rest is to be revived?

To rest is to recover!

To rest is to be restored.

To rest is to be renewed!

To rest is to be refreshed!

Resting is a period of renewing and refreshing, an opporunity to commune and connect with the Source of all power and goodness in the Universe. Without Sabbath, we operate without fuel or power. We operate at diminished capability and capacity. Humankind alone cannot survive the toil, snare and darkness of this world, yet connection to the Great I Am equips and empowers us to know that “i am more than a conqueror through Him who loves us.” It enables us to profess, believe and act upon knowing that “I am Healthy! I am Well! I am strong!”

Sabbath! Remember the Sabbath, keep it Holy!…”

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