Into the deep…

Have you ever felt like God was leading you into deep waters?

Like the more you prayed for change and direction, God was leading you to take a leap of faith into the deep end of the pool?

You prayed for increase, and God led you to your God-appointed, vision-filled, talent-laden daydream?

You prayed for change, and God showed you a mirror and said, ‘Be the change’?

You prayed and even sang ‘Order My Steps’ and said ‘Where you lead me, I will follow…’ to only end up on the water’s edge, well that is the edge of the ocean!?

I am reminded of the Old Testament account of the Israelites being commanded after approaching the edge of the Jordan to go stand in the middle of the river. Joshua 3 reminds me of God’s promise to bring us through the waters unharmed, mightily and victoriously.

As I pray and discern and pray some mo’, I believe that the answer to our prayers are not always the easy or simple answers we want. The door of opportunity might be a vast undertaking that requires faith and work! It may require swimming in the deep end, going into uncharted territory and creating new paths. However, the amazing part of this call into the deep is that God promises to be with us every step of the way!

What does this mean for me? I will keep praying, but I know without a doubt its time to leave the edge knowing the waters will not overtake me!

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